Iowa Author Fest Joins with Read a Book Nook for Second Author Signing

The second author signing will be held at Read a Book Nook July 13th at 205 South 3rd Avenue. The time it is being held will be 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. There will be five authors this time. The first featured author is Andy Heintz.Head shot


Andy Heintz is a freelance writer based in the US Midwest. His work has been published in numerous progressive media outlets around the world, including New Internationalist,  Foreign Policy in Focus, The Wire, Common Dreams, Tikkun, Culture
Project and New Politics.

Andy recently wrote a book called Dissidents of the International Left. It features interviews with 77 left-wing figures from around the world talking about domestic and international issues. Some of the main themes of the book are gender equality, refugee rights, environmental sustainability, universal rights, cross-border solidarity and how to confront far-rights groups around the world. Here is a press release about my book along with an article about it that ran in the New Internationalist.

Kwame Anthony Appiah, Noam Chomsky, Glenn Greenwald, Anabel Hernández, Malalai Joya, George Monbiot and Meredith Tax are joined by 70 other leftwing thinkers and activists. At a time when links and networking between Far Right politicians all over the world are causing widespread alarm it’s time for the Left to pool its own experience
and offer inspiration as it seeks to turn the tide back towards justice, equality and human rights. In this work, lesser known thinkers and activists have the same platform as the pre-eminent figures on the Left, giving a nuanced insight into the different strands of the international and domestic leftist currents pulsing throughout the world.
How have the Kurdish revolutionaries in Rojava ended up putting into practice US thinker Murray Bookchin’s idea of libertarian municipalism? Why have the policies
of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch offended activists in North Africa? Are US military interventions ever justifiable from a leftist point of view?

Andy book cover

The second featured author is Larry Stumbo.


Larry comes from a family that has served in all of the Armed Forces except the Marines.
One of his grandfathers was in the Navy, two uncles in the Air Force, two in the Army, and two Aunts served as Nurses in the Army. There were several other members, both sides, of Larry’s family that had served in the Armed Forces. Larry applied to the Air Force Academy, was second in line for the Navy Academy. Took Air Force R.O.T.C. classes while he was attending Drake University. During his first year of education at Drake University, Larry worked part-time in a local hospital as a Dietary assistant (served meals to the patients). It was there he became more interested in learning about the care of the patient. When the opportunity to work full time, in surgery as an orderly during the summer; he started his medical learning experience in the operating room. Larry did not start out to write anything until he was drafted. He started to write a journal for a friend who was drafted later so that he would know what to expect. As it was, his friend went to different basic camp. Larry continued writing his thoughts down while in the Army. Larry has had various experiences throughout his life, from sports in high school, his daughters’ activities, interest in family activities and history, military service, a nursing career, working for the U.S. census, to his most recent involvement, promoting of Iowa authors to finally having a book published; “Poems and History of Mary Elizabeth Gilbert (Stumbo)”. A compilation by Nelle Windsor, daughter of Mary Elizabeth, who placed the poems, photos and family history into an album. Mary Elizabeth Gilbert (Stumbo) is Larry’s Great-grand mother. Nelle wanted to have this album put together for posterity of her mother’s legacy. Larry wrapped the album into a form that could be enjoyed by everyone without taking away the styles of the written words and photos of the time.
Larry has finished his, “Experience as a New Soldier”, one chapter of his life and he is now working on the other chapters of his life. Larry is also compiling love letters between a young man at Ft. Des Moines and a young girl in small farm town west of Des Moines in the 1930’s.


The third featured author LaVina Vanory-Barcus.



LaVina has seven books in print. The books range from a cookbook featuring her grandmother’s Czech recipes to children’s book written in three languages. Her favorite project is Because of My Love for Lauren.

I Get A Baby Brother Instead by [Vanorny-Barcus, LaVina]            Paperback

Our fourth feature author is Jordyn Meryl.


Once living under the guise of a passive, quiet, school librarian, books and kids were the passions which kept Jordyn’s mind fresh. But now it is when the night muses visit, her spirit rises up to wrap around the stories that float in her head. Land locked in the mid-west she dreams of days on a white sandy beach with a laptop to write all her tales. Crossing many genres she spins chronicles of romance, paranormal and fantasy, for they are stories worth telling, even at the risk of revealing true feelings.

Son of a Gambling Man by [Meryl, Jordyn]  PaperbackKindle Edition

The fifth featured author is Sue Raymond.



There are many doors in one’s life that the person has the opportunity to either explore what lies behind that door or leave it closed and open another door to another adventure. I thank the Lord that He has locked many doors in my life that could have destroyed me. I can look back and see His hand protecting me and my family from my choices and the devastation it caused when He allowed me to have my own way because of stubbornness.
The newest door He has opened for me is one of being a published author. For those who think this is super easy, let me tell you the easy part is the rough draft. After you write it, then comes the nose to the grindstone of all the different parts of getting it from a rough draft to a published novel. There is rewrites, editing, proof reading, more editing, beta readers, proof readers, more editing, cover design, bios, cover info, indie or traditional publishing, ISBN registration, then once published you have to market you novel with press leases, book signings, making ads that help market to the correct audience. Then you try to get reviews for the novels so your novel rises in the ranking so more people have a chance to read your work. You also need a thick skin for those who do not like your work and seek to tear it down with bad reviews. Authors do appreciate constructive feedback. This helps us fine tune our craft for the enjoyment of the reading audience.
Being an author is not for the weak-hearted. But it is also very wonderful to be able to create worlds that the reading audience can share and enjoy.
You can follow author Sue Raymond at

DeBois book setWindow Pane ebook cover Resin La Rock ebook picture

Sue Raymond also writes under the pen name of Lady Laindora.

lady laindora head shot

Author Lady Laindora dwells with the mind of author Sue Raymond. There Lady Laindora spins fantastic tales of dragons, fairy folk, knights, valiant heroes fighting to deliver the oppressed from vile evil trying to enslave the innocence. Healer of Surflex is the first fantasy written by Lady Laindora a.k.a./ Sue Raymond. Writing Healer of Surflex pulled me in the fantastic realm of fairies, dragons and valiant heroes struggling against the evil trying to ensnare the innocent. It drew me in many a sleepless night as the characters took over the story weaving me in a cocoon of suspense as they slowly revealed the story to me so I would write down for them. I was just as surprised at the many events in the story as you will be as you read Healer of Surflex.

Feature Author at This Year’s Iowa Author Fest

Our last feature author for this year’s Iowa Author Fest. Come and meet the authors and join in on the fun of having a selfie with them as you pick out your favorite new novel for your reading enjoyment. AS ALWAYS THE ADMISSION IS FREE TO THE PUBLIC. THIS IS A FAMILY EVENT.

Cath photo cropped


Catherine Gregory is the author of two novels, Garth’s Widow and The Friends of Dixie Magruder. Her writing addresses issues of everyday Christian life through contemporary faith-based comedy. Catherine attributes much of her success to her brilliant tech guy, to whom she has been married for 41 years.

Feature Authors This Year at Iowa Author Fest

Here is the third group of authors that will be at the Iowa Author Fest this year. The Fest will be held at Capital Square 400 Locust Street, Des Moines Iowa, 9 am. to 3pm. Come and enjoy the festivities as you find your next adventure in your new purchase.

DSC_0333 - Version 2

Larry became interested in his family history, when his uncle and a distance cousin started gathering together family history. Larry was lucky enough to receive some of this history from both sides of his family with one special contribution of his Great-grandmother’s poems, photos and history from his grandfather. His second novel ‘Experience of a New Soldier’.


Emerging from the dark world of drugs, abuse, and domestic violence, Because of Me, is a story about starting over and the lessons learned from past mistakes. Her second novel is ‘Life Beneath the Willow’.


I’m a retired elementary teacher, having taught 3rd-6th grade. 5th grade was my favorite. Being retired gives me time to write, and enjoy being a guest teacher in many classrooms. I enjoy doing book signings and writer’s workshops in classrooms. Thank you, Jesus, for being my redeemer and my source of strength and inspiration.


Betty Brandt Passick is an Iowa native who relocated to Minnesota. Gangster in Our Midst, her debut at writing historical suspense, tells the neglected true story of one of Al Capone’s gangsters, Louie La Cava, who came to her small Iowa town in the 1920s, eventually died of old age.

brian webb

Brian Webb is a native of Kentucky but now calls Des Moines his home. He enjoys playing guitar, riding his bike, half marathon training, and taking pictures. As a head injury survivor, he is passionate about advocacy and helping our Veterans with TBI and PTSD.


catheerine fit

Catherine Fitzpatrick loves telling stories, especially about her pets. Her family urged her to write them down. The result is the children’s book, “Bridget Rules the Day”.
Catherine lives in Des Moines with her husband and bulldog. When she’s not telling stories, she’s a freelance food stylist and a running coach.

Featured Authors This Year at Iowa Author Fest

Here is the second group of authors that will be at Iowa Author Fest. There is a wide variety of new authors this year to chose from to make your purchases. Come and join in on the fun. Meet the authors and experience new adventures through the eyes of the protagonist of their novels.


As a teen, Marci Boudreaux skipped over YA books and jumped right into romance. She never left. While Marci has written suspense, paranormal, and other fiction, she always finds her way back to sweeter books. Marci lives in central Iowa with her husband, two teenaged kiddos, and a houseful of rescue animals.


Andy Douglas’ memoir, The Curve of the World: Into the Spiritual Heart of Yoga, describes the author’s transformative journey of contemplative practice, spanning several decades and the continent of Asia. He received an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa, where he was the recipient of the Marcus Bach Fellowship for Writing about Religion and Culture. .


Teresa Holmgren refers to herself as “the happiest woman on the planet.” She is a long-suffering left-handed retired teacher and has a tall blonde husband. Teresa has raised five fiercely creative children, two of whom are amateur pyromaniacs. She has arachibutyrophobia, which has nothing to do with spiders.


Jean Wolf has a Masters of Arts in Nursing from the University of Iowa, and a Ph.D. in Higher Education from Iowa State University. She spent over 30 years as a nurse educator at Grand View University. Her historical novel series Billy Love’s Wolfpack, Billy Love’s Forsaken Children and coming soon, Billy Love’s Secret Crusaders are a labor of love.


A.C. Miller’s debut YA Dystopian novel, Nimbus, was released in late 2017 to commercial success, or at least that’s how his parents made him feel. He’s currently working on the sequel entitled Halcyon, which will be the second installment in The Perfect Circle Trilogy.


Lady Laindora dwells in the imagination of author Sue Raymond. There many tales are spun of adventure with dragons, wizards, knights, and spells. Lady Laindora’s novels are Healer of Surflex and Will-O Wisp. Sue writes a crime murder mystery DeBois series, drama Resin La Rock and thriller Window Pane. Five children books loom in the future.

Nan McAdam High Res Bio pic

Nan McAdam is author of Surviving the Stress of your parents’ old age.  She writes two blogs, one on self improvement, and another one on elder care.  She embraced being a caregiver and met the challenge head on.  It has been one of the most rewarding careers of her life; to help others navigate the experience of old age. She also has YA novels.

Featured Authors at this Years Iowa Author Fest.

We will be featuring the authors coming to this years Iowa Author Fest in several post so the patrons can become familiar with the author’s work so they can make informed decisions on their purchases on September 15th, 9am – 3pm at 400 Locust Street, Des Moines, Iowa. Come out and enjoy meeting the authors in person and take a selfie with them as you make your book purchases for your reading enjoyment.



I’m originally from Puerto Rico but have spent half of my life in Iowa. My favorite authors include Edgar Allan Poe and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. My books are based on reality but sprinkled with a good dose of faerie dust. I hope my books can be entertaining but also thought provoking.



Holly grew up in West Des Moines, daughter of popular author Henry Gregor Felsen. After retiring from teaching in 2006, Holly republished the 6 car books, answering the requests from many fans. She also reinvented herself as a professional photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, publisher, private investigator, and swan advocate.


A former elementary librarian, Connie, has been a devoted advocate for children’s literacy.  Her love of sharing stories with children culminated with the publication of her first book, “A Friend Named William”, written for the youngest reader.  She’s following up with “The Long Walk” which will be released fall 2018.


Crossing many genres, Jordyn Meryl spins chronicles of romance, paranormal and fantasy, for they are stories worth telling, even at the risk of revealing true feelings.


Since publishing my women’s contemporary novel A Case of Hearts in the fall of 2013, I’ve had incredible experiences. Being able to talk to groups at libraries, community centers, women’s meetings, and conferences. I’ve attended many craft and vendor shows. I’ve enjoyed meeting many readers and writers on this journey. Publishing my first novel had been a dream come.


Karla enjoys family, Iowa and American history.  Her genealogy research uncovered the intriguing stories of the Ankeny family and the prominent roles they played in Iowa history.  “Iowa’s Devoted Daughter” is historical fiction.  Karla is a member of DAR and various heritage societies.


David Furneaux is a first time author. He’s a veteran who’s had careers in association management, human resources and business development. He’s a recovering history major who spent over five years developing Numbland Security, a national security romance series. Yes, some think that’s an oxymoron. You be the judge.

Iowa Author Fest 2018

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This is the fifth year for Iowa Author Fest. Iowa Author Fest is being held this year at Capital Square, 400 Locust Street, Des Moines Iowa, 50309. It will be open to the public at 9:00 am and end at 3:00 pm. There is parking in several parking lots along with street parking. We are looking forward to a great interaction between the authors and  public. There will be a wide variety of genre for the reading pleasure of the public from children’s book to adult novels to chose from.

(For the authors: Spaces are filling up fast. Find vendor information and interest forms at the following: If chosen, you will receive a entry form and PayPal invoice for the event.)