High School short stories 2016

We are working on placing the stories in the format that can be published.

The scanning process took sometime,we have checked to make sure that the content was all there. A problem we have ran into is that there extra pages, blank and titles that are adding to the page count, adding to the cost but we get it taken care of.

We have tried to make sure the appearance is as close to the submission as possible with the OCR scanning process we used. I would say that we are very close to submit the finished product to the publisher.

Once we know that we have product that will  pass the publsher’s guidelines we will pass the word along.

I am sorry that this process is taking so long to achieve our goal of a book for the high school writers.

In the mean time if your students submitted a story,we would like to know how many students want a copy and we will let you know the cost of any extra copies they may want. Email us

Thank you,

Larry Stumbo

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