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Laura Jensen-Kimball is a new Iowa author excited to share her first children’s picture book, MOMSTER.  Living in Norwalk, she enjoys writing books with a touch of humor that will engage parents and children in laughter.  MOMSTER promises fun and a little well placed fear for all ages to enjoy!  For more information about Laura and MOMSTER go to– https://www.wackystackbooks.com/blog/momster

Cancelled  appearance due  to family matters

P.J. HICK is a mystery writer. Her first writing experience came as a reporter  on her junior high school newspaper. Since then she has written articles for newsletters and published two mystery novels “Visions, ” and “Dodge,” Both books can be purchased on  Amazon. She is a graduate of the University of Iowa. pahick@q.com




H. NELSON FREEMAN is a retired police sergeant of 30 years, holding expert status as a fingerprint, handwriting and polygraph examiner.  He served on 5 ships in the Navy and attained the rank of Chief Petty Officer, and Master Sergeant in the Iowa Army National Guard.



CARSON ODE crclode@aol.com

Carson experienced as many Iowa festivals and events as  he possibly could during years 2008, 2010 and 2011 to bring Celebrate Iowa and Iowa– Spaces, Places, Faces to eager readers wanting to travel across Iowa and experience the wonders Iowa have to offer.


ANDY ALLEN   andy@andyandnorm

Andy Allen has a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in early childhood education. In addition to teaching and writing children’s books, he is also a varsity assistant boys’ basketball coach . Andy enjoys sharing his stories at book events and school visits. Feel free to contact him at if interested in scheduling a visit.


LARRY STUMBO b2013k@outlook.com

Larry became interested in his family history, when his uncle and a distance cousin started gathering together family history. Larry was lucky enough to receive some of this history from both sides of his family with one special contribution of his Great-grandmother’s poems, photos and history from his grandfather. His second novel  ‘Experience of a New Soldier’.


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